10th Annual 2017 Speechfest Elementary & Middle School Finals

May 9, 2017

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District Finalists & Winners:


  • Adam Budd, Belmont: Endangered Ocean Life
  • Andrea Ho, Alex Hope: My Trip to Taiwan
  • Avery Zhang, Gordon Greenwood: Cows
  • Ella Woo, Langley Fundamental: How to Get Picky Eaters to Eat     First Place Winner
  • James McIntyre, Noel Booth: Tacos
  • Jasmine Kim, Richard Bulpitt: Flowers Make My Day
  • Kerrington Franklin, North Otter: Dragons
  • Matthias Fox, Uplands: What I Like About Unicycles     Third Place Winner
  • Natalie Jones, Parkside: Soccer
  • Thomas Brett, R.C. Garnett: Smiling     Second Place Winner


Grades 4-5

  • Ayesha RaJ, R.C. Garnett: What Really Happens at Grandma’s House
  • Carly Taylor, Parkside: Deforestation
  • Carter Ingwersen, Langley Fundamental: The Fruit of Factual Labour     Third Place Winner
  • Danica Bateman, Alex Hope: Women’s Right to Vote     Second Place Winner
  • Ethan Pearson, Noel Booth: How to be a Youtube Star
  • Jos Chois, R.C. Garnett: The War in Your Brain     First Place Winner
  • Leian Dela Cruz, Douglas Park: Dreams and Ambitions
  • Saia Hallen, Gordon Greenwood: Indian Wedding
  • Sheetle Bhandall, Glenwood: First World Problems
  • Tayleesha Ettenberg, Shortreed: Auroras

Grades 6-7

  • Alex Bergeron, H.D. Stafford: LGBTQ+     Third Place Winner
  • Ashley Komish, Betty Gilbert: Dreams
  • Brandon Leung, Topham: Curling
  • Cody Bathgate, Noel Booth: Puberty
  • Elizabeth Aguasin, H.D. Stafford: Women of Colour
  • Grace Christie, Yorkson: Life of a Pumpkin
  • Isaieh Chois, Yorkson: Awesome Benefits of Being Weird     First Place Winner
  • Jaxon Wood: Gordon Greenwood: How to Catch a Cold
  • Katelynn Bartlett, Betty Gilbert: Childhood Cancer     Second Place Winner
  • Matteo Speranza, Langley Fundamental: Residential Schools