Below you will find a list of resources categorized to make it easier for you to navigate. If you are looking for something specific that we have not listed, please try checking the Provincial Government information page for more information.


Supports for Everyone

  • Practise compassion Even those who don’t typically struggle with anxiety may experience increased stress and worry during uncertain times.  Remember this is true for the adults and the children in your home as well.  So be compassionate with yourself and others right now.  This may go up and down so when you are feeling stronger support others and when you are struggling reach out for support yourself.
  • Practise self-care It is even more important to engage in healthy and relaxing activities that you enjoy. Everyone’s self-care activities will be different but consider including something physically active and outside if you can.  Also remember that fun and laughter is healthy and is a really good way to lower stress.
  • Stay connected with family and friends virtually or using physical distancing rules.
  • Create quiet/alone time  Just as it is important to stay connected it is also important to find ways for everyone to have space to be alone sometimes too.  With younger children this could just be some quiet time to read books, do puzzles or listen to music.
  • Limit your media intake Schedule your information exposure instead of having a constant stream of media coming at you all day. Get your facts from trusted sources.
  • Focus on health habits  Maintain a healthy diet and healthy sleep habits. This will be a great time to get the conversation going with children about all these health habits and their importance.

Supports for Children

  • Model calm: Stress and anxiety are contagious but so are the more positive emotions like happiness and calm.  This is a good time to talk and teach about feelings. It is also a good time to model and practice looking for the positives and focusing on things we can control. For example, “we are stuck inside and can’t do anything” changes to “we are getting a lot of time to play and work together”.
  • Routines are important and can help to create a sense of predictability and security. Schedule things like academic time, outdoor activities, family time and quiet time.
  • Limit social media, gaming, and news consumption: With older students watching some news together can provide opportunity for discussion and help to keep things in perspective.
  • Discuss COVID-19: Keep things fact based and provide age appropriate information. This discussion should be done in a calm and reassuring tone conveying the message that we are safe. Listen to their concerns and questions and focus on prevention (daily hand-washing, social distancing) and how everyone is helping each other.

Additional Supports

Trying to navigate all of the information and supports available at the moment can be overwhelming.  Here are a few ways to access the support you may need.

Do you need to find or locate resources for yourself or your family?

CLICK HERE to find BC211

Do you need help to find and/or access the resources and supports available?

There are volunteers that can help you! Some examples include; help to complete and file taxes, finding the appropriate resources, applying for subsidies, accessing WiFi or technology, finding counselling, shopping for your food/essentials, as well as many more examples of needs expressed. CLICK HERE to find UWLM Mobilizing Local Love.

Our community and agency partners in Langley are so amazing! We are so fortunate to be able to work together with them to support our students and families, and to help our community navigate this COVID-19 pandemic.  Please visit this resource page for local Langley resources available:

  • CLICK HERE to find the Langley Children’s Committee Resource Page.

Want to find Provincial and Federal Resource Pages with all the updated supports and information?

CLICK HERE to find COVID-19 Supports for People & Businesses.

CLICK HERE to find COVID 19 Provincial and Federal Benefits.

Last updated: August 12, 2020