• From Policy No. 5029

    C. Public Consultation
    3. The Board should take the following steps to ensure that an open and meaningful public consultation has taken place:

    • make available, in writing, a full disclosure of all facts and information considered by the Board with respect to any proposed school closure, including:

    1. detailed reasons for the proposed school closure;
    2. which specific school(s) are being considered for closure;
    3. how the proposed closure would affect the current catchment area for each school;
    4. the general effect on surrounding schools;
    5. the number of students who would be affected at both the closed school(s) and surrounding schools;
    6. the future enrolment growth in the district of persons of school age, persons of less than school age, and adults;
    7. the effect of proposed closures on board-provided student transportation;
    8. educational program/course implications for the affected students;
    9. the proposed effective date of the closure(s);
    10. financial considerations;
    11. impact on the Board’s five year capital plan;
    12. consideration of alternative community use for all or part of the school;
    13. proposed use of the closed school(s) including potential lease or sale.

    Policy No. 5029

    Information on the Long Term Facilities Plan consultation process.

  • Letter from Board of Education Chair Rob McFarlane

    Re: Notice of Motion for potential closure of Langley Secondary and the Long Term Facilities Plan

    School Closure Review Letter to Parents – LSS 2015 January 22

  • Update – February 2, 2015

  • Update – February 3, 2015

    The partial reconstruction of Langley Secondary School estimated to cost $18.75 million will now be one of the options being considered by the Board of Education on February 17, 2015.

  • Architectural Renderings-LSS Family of Schools

  • Board Concludes Community Consultation Process - February 17, 2015

    At the Special Meeting of the Board of Education, the community consultation regarding the Willoughby and Langley Secondary communities was concluded. Just under 100 people attended the meeting and seven delegations addressed the Board prior to any debate and voting. A motion to permanently close Langley Secondary School was opposed by the Board. A second motion was passed to direct staff to submit a business case to the Ministry of Education related to ‘Option 4’, the ‘right-sizing’ or rebuilding of portions of the current LSS. The Board has also directed staff to to indicate to the Ministry of Education that the preferred option on the Willoughby slope is for a new secondary school as a part of the business case.

    “There is no guarantee that they will approve or move forward with the recommendation that we give them”, said Board Chair Rob McFarlane in reference to the Ministry of Education, and “..it may be process that takes time”, said Secretary Treasurer David Green earlier in the meeting.

    View the staff presentation here.

    Letter to Parents – Willoughby Slope Community Consultation – Board Decision 2015 February 18.

    Information on the Long Term Facilities Plan consultation process.