The Board of Education approved the District Calendar on April 1, 2019 for 2019-20 Appendix B, 2020-21, and 2021-22 school years, as presented.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Barry Bunyan gave an overview of the feedback received from the public over the 30-day consultation period in relation to the proposed three calendars. There was a total of 32 emails received. About half of those emails were comments related to frustrations with early dismissals which he explained isn’t something that can be considered for these District Calendars. Those comments would be considered later in the month when the Board reviews specific calendar information. A third of the submissions pointed to moving non-instructional days citing disruption to families. About 20 per cent of comments covered a range of remarks including more vacation, less vacation, and liking the calendars overall. Based on feedback, staff presented a revised version of the calendar for 2019-20 to the Board.

The calendars can be found below: