Welcome Back to School!

September 1, 2017

Staff across the Langley School District are looking forward to welcoming students and starting a new school year. Back to school is a time of great excitement and sometimes anxiety but the school staff are ready to ease your child into their new grade or get them started on their educational journey on the first day of kindergarten.

There have been many news reports and some confusion about changes to the BC Curriculum and the recent Supreme Court decision regarding class sizes and class composition and how these things will impact the classroom this September. Changes to the curriculum have been implemented over the last year and will continue to be built upon for the 2017-2018 school year as well. Accurate information is readily available to parents here https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/ and parents are encouraged to become involved with their school community via school PAC groups or open communication with their school administrators and teachers.

In regard to class sizes, class composition and the hiring of new teachers and staff, rest assured that each class of students will be paired with trained and professional educators, ready to start the year. As the school district continues to grow there have been unique challenges in educational programming but the district remains committed to addressing these challenges as quickly as possible. As these challenges are being addressed, we ask for your patience and cooperation. The teachers, support staff and administrators of the Langley School District are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for the children of Langley and are eagerly looking forward to a fantastic year!