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Langley Fundamental Elementary

Welcome to Langley Fundamental Elementary School


Our school is an alternate program that has operated for the last 35

years within the public school system. Therefore our school follows the

prescribed curriculum and School Act Regulations of the B.C. Ministry

of Education.   

As an alternate program of the Langley School District, our school will



         •A consistent, structured approach to instruction and learning  

         •The attainment of skills in a systematic, sequential manner.  

         •The establishment of a clearly defined standard of behavior.  


We believe education is a partnership involving students, parents, and

staff.  It is vital that all parents understand and support the

philosophical stance of our school so that as a team, we can effectively

work together.  Together, we can accomplish more!  We very much

desire parental interest and involvement and we encourage parents to

be informed and knowledgeable about their child’s education.   Our

goal is that your children will find our school to be a place where: 


         •They will love to learn.

         •High standards are met with enthusiasm and anticipation.  

         •Academic excellence is expected and achieved.  

         •All aspects of life are nurtured and developed.       






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