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Blacklock Elementary

Welcome to Blacklock Fine Arts

     Blacklock Fine Arts has approximately 275 wonderful students from Kindergarten to Grade 5, an amazing staff and a great PAC!    It's a very busy school that offers many opportunities for involvement in your child's learning.

     At Blacklock, students experience success through learning in the arts and the academics.  We are always excited about the opportunities that we have to work with your children and to share the joy of learning with them.  Blacklock Fine Arts provides students with learning experiences in the B.C. core curriculum through visual art, drama, dance and music.  We are confident that the learning experiences they have will be rich, meaningful and memorable.

    Our school goal is focused on the improvement of student competency in literacy - in reading, writing and in the arts.  Students will demonstrate continuous growth in the area of reading - in reading fiction and non-fiction text.  We always promote student reflection and self-awareness about the strategies that make them excellent readers and successful artists, in each of the disciplines; music, drama, visual art and dance.  We look forward to sharing successes as we prepare shows and presentations throughout the year.


     Lois Curtis - Principal

   What Is An Integrated Fine Arts School?

     The framework that defines an integrated fine arts philosophy shows children learning the curriculum in Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Social Studies while being engaged in music, drama, dance and visual art activities.  The development of meaningful connections between the arts and the other curriculum areas truly describes "Learning Through the Arts".  It is important that students are well prepared in the core curriculum areas and the arts provide a powerful vehicle for lessons to be learned and remembered.

     Classes are organized into learning pods where each teacher in the pod has one of the arts as their specialty, as well as being trained as a core curriculum teacher.  Students have their home room teacher, but also spend time with each teacher in the pod during arts rotations.  Teachers plan together and create common goals and themes that are shared and taught in each pod.  Students are given many rich and engaging learning experiences that enhance their personal, intellectual, artistic and social development.

          Mission:  Academic Excellence through Artistic Experience

          Vision:     Blacklock Fine Arts believes that integrating dance, drama, music & visual arts into the lives of students will enhance the learning of core subjects. 

           Values:     Academics, RespectTeamwork and Spirit create a learning
                           environment that is safe and respectful.



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