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 Recent Board News

Board News for the Meeting of October 28, 2014

Board Chair Johnson and Trustee Reekie Recognized

Board Chair Wendy Johnson and Trustee Cecelia Reekie have chosen not to run for re-election in the upcoming civic elections, making this their final public Board meeting. Hereditary Kwantlen Chief Gabriel and her family drummed an honouring song in recognition of their service on the Board of Education.

Good-byes were emotional at the last public meeting of the current Board and all Trustees took the opportunity to provide some reflective remarks on the previous year's work and accomplishments of the Board.


Langley Fine Arts School: The Butterfly Effect

'The Butterfly Effect' comes from chaos theory and suggests that one small change can have far-reaching larger effects later on larger systems. For some students at LFA, the Butterfly Effect is a website that connects students from LFA, the United States, China and Kenya. Students share ideas, projects and research via their online connection at the website and via Skype conversations. The LFA students are provided a connection with other cultures while students in Kenya have been provided internet access and a chance to experience the world wide web. An offshoot of the Project Kenya Sister Schools project, students have visited Kenya and assisted in erecting a tower to allow internet access as well as deliver donated iPads to their Kenyan student friends.


Superintendent's Report

Superintendent Suzanne Hoffman shared the District's plans to improve literacy skills, particularily for grades 4-9 students. Suitable measures and targets need to be identified in order to implement programs to assist students in these grades to reach literacy levels appropriate to their grade. Early Learning literacy levels are currently being addressed and early indications are promising but now it is time to broaden initiatives to intermediate grades.  To view the presentation click here.


DW Poppy Musical Theatre Academy

DW Poppy staffers Amber Blount, Wayne Ablitt and Wayne Loewen and Principal Balan Moorthy presented to the Board their desire to initiate a Musical Theatre Academy at DWP. Building on the strong musical theatre history at DWP, the academy would formalize the production into a 'for credit' option for students. The Board voted unanimously to support the move later in the evening. To view the presentation click here.


 Long Term Facilities Plan Update

Members of the District Leadership Team, some Trustees and Township Mayor Jack Froese made a trip to Victoria to meet with Education Minister Peter Fassbender and MLA Mary Polak to discuss Long Term Facitilities planning and the need for a secondary school solution on the Willoughby slope. Vice-chair Rob McFarlane called the meeting 'frank, candid and positive' and said it was clear that they appreciated Langley's concerns and that they are committed to finding a solution. Districts are required to fund 50% of new projects and District staff was instructed by the Board to look into properties that could be sold and other opportunities to raise the required funds.

Enrolment Report

The enrolment report compares Full Time Equivalent enrolment projections with the actual enrolments as of September 30th. The District is awaiting final confirmation from the Ministry of Education in regard to 'duplicate resolution' which occurs when a student is counted in two district, usually in the case of a move, for example. View the spreadsheet here.

 Policy No. 7200 - Student Anti-harrassment and Anti-discrimination

Adoption of the new Student Anti-harrassment and Anti-discrimination Policy No. 7200 was carried unanimously and greeted with applause by those in the audience. A long consultation process was undertaken by District staff to update and edit the former Board policies that addressed discrimination and harrassment before. Of note is the inclusion of specific language around the LGBTQ community in Langley Schools and the inclusive nature of the document that protects ALL students.

Bill 22: Classes over 30

Classes with over 30 students have to be reported to the Ministry of Education under Bill 22. Langley School District has only 5 classes to report and, of those, most are only over by 1 or 2 students. Under Bill 22 teachers of these classes are provided additional compensation - most choose additional prep time. View the presentation here.





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12/16/2014 7:00 PM
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